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I need it to survive!

글쓴이 : 에뒤안

I am foreigner vegetarian living in Korea. I have been a while now. I do not speak Korean so well. That has caused me to repeatedly have problems in regards to my vegetarianism. I learned how to say "고기빼고주세요". However, that does not seem to be enough! For example, just tonight I went alone into a restaurant and ordered 김지라이스. I said "고기빼고주세요". They did not put in "고기", but they DID put in ""! (Apparently they do not consider to be a kind of 고기.)

Some other problems I have had: I ordered 된장찌개 thinking "they never put meat in 된장찌개". Well, there was meat! There are more examples from my experience to share...

Anyway, first and foremost I need to learn how to express clearly and unambiguously that I want them to not prepare the food with any red meat -- no pork, no ham, no cow, no lamb, etc.. (On a side note, though, I do eat seafood and, occasionally and only in small amounts, chicken.) Secondly, I would like to know what foods in a restaurant in Korea I have to be cautious of; that is, what foods might contain meat.

I would sooooo much appreciate your help. If I get some good replies to this posting, I promise I will study hard the Korean you teach me. I need it to survive! 

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